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Trip Introduction

Enjoy cruise control in the clouds. Sit back, relax and experience the breathtaking views few people have seen history. Take your camera or have your pilot capture that priceless moment. Take-off and landing involves standing up and walking a few steps. No jumping off cliffs and crash landing. You just won’t believe how easy and safe it is to fly with us until you do.

  • DAY 1 Drive to Godavari

Cost Includes

  • Transportation from Thamel to & from Take off & Landing Spot in Godavari.
  • Photo & Video

Cost Excludes

  • Meals


  • DAY 1Drive to Godavari

    We take a short drive to Godavari Village and further 30 min continue drive off road toward the take off view point 2,000 ft above Kathmandu Valley, From here you can see Langtang mountains range inclidng many other small peak.

  • Please Note


    Protective footwear, no open toe shoes
    Pants, Jeans are great
    Warm clothing layers & a jacket
    Warm Glove & Sun Glasses

    Paragliding Conditions:

    It is the monsoonal climate that makes Nepal such a great place to fly. The high rainfall in the summer and the latitude of the country means that the tree line is at an incredible 3900m. With a subtropical climate there are no prevailing or valley winds, it is pure thermic flying, milder than late summer alpine conditions. Once the monsoon has left the conditions are seriously constant.


    The season runs from early October until the beginning of May. The most popular months are November, December and January, because of the super consistent weather during this time.


    6:30 AM – 1 st Flight | 8:30 AM – 2 nd Flight | 10:30 AM – 3 rd | 12:30 pm - 4th | 2:30 pm - 5th Flight - Every day.

Trip Details

Start $99 Per Person

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    Panorama View of Highest Peaks and Mountains City & Valley View from Eagle Eye.


    +2400 Meters


    From early October until the beginning of May